Martina Rényi, ORF

Wood, theater and film - these are the working worlds of Ludwig Wüst, who as a carpenter, actor, singer, screenwriter and director is constantly exploring new forms of expression. For many years, the Bavarian-born artist has lived in Vienna and, with his often radical works, stands for uncompromising, artistic confrontations. His extensive work always revolves around the human being with all his hopes, dreams and abysses. In his new film "I am here!" Ludwig Wüst and his team deal with the themes of loneliness, uprooting, cohesion and with overcoming trauma. Shot on 16mm, Martina Spitzer and Markus Schramm play two outsiders marked by life who meet again after many years in their home community. The result is a touching study of two people that convinces with long takes, a very unique rhythm of language and references to art history.

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