Born in Bavaria, lives and works in Vienna since 1987. Studies from 1987 to 1990 in acting and singing at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Since 1990 director, author, actor.  More than 40 productions for theater and opera in Vienna, Leipzig, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt. Since 1999 filmmaker.


2002 Egyptian Eclipse, 63 min. (based on a novel by Ingeborg Bachmann), World Premiere Filmcasino Vienna
2005 Nahaufnahme, 30 min., WP Filmhaus Vienna
2006 Two Women, 58 min., Int. Premiere Hofer Filmtage
2009 KOMA, 82 min., WP Moscow IFF, Award for Best Film Tamil Nadu IFF
2011 TAPE END, 60 min., WP Moscow IFF
2012 PASOLINICODE02112011 (short film/installation), 16 min., WP on the internet, installation at Kunsthalle Vienna
2013 My Father’s House, 65 min., Int. Premiere Karlovy Vary  IFF
2014 Farewell, 75 min., WP Karlovy Vary IFF
2015 (no title), 66 min., Int. Premiere Hofer Filmtage
2016 Heimatfilm, 84 min., Int. Premiere Hofer Filmtage
2018 DEPARTURE, 103 min., WP Berlinale Forum
2020 3.30 PM, 74 min., WP Jeonju IFF, Award for Best Cinematography Diagonale 2021
2023 I AM HERE!, 70 min. WP Rotterdam IFF, Kodak Analog-Filmpreis Diagonale 2023, Main Price official Competition Filmadrid