Theatrical release March 3, 2022 at Filmarchiv Austria
Award for Best Cinematography Diagonale 2021


Theatrical Release

From March 3 to 20, 2022 Ludwig Wüst's new film 3.30 PM is running in Metro Kinokulturhaus of the Filmarchiv Austria in Vienna... more

Best Cinematography Diagonale 2021

Ludwig Wüst receives Award for Best Cinematography of a Feature Film for 3.30 PM at the Diagonale... more

Neil Young (uk critic / curator, viennale 2020)

A new work of deceptive formal complexity and surprising emotional depth from prolific writer-director-producer-cinematographer Ludwig Wüst (KOMA, Viennale 2009). Essentially a walking-and- talking two-hander in which... more

Inheriting the dogma spirit (sung moon, jeonju Iff)

Two friends, Martin and Anthony, meet after 15 years, share memories and reflect on their present lives... more

Statement Neil Young, Sight & Sound

“Ranks highly among the most distinctive, dryly humorous and memorably atmospheric narrative features from Austria in the current decade. Wüst is a true one-off.“

Serpentines of the soul, der Tagesspiegel

Ludwig Wüst's “Departure“ is defined by reduction: one day, two characters, three locations. It's a road movie of the soul... more

Statement Werkstattkino München, Bernd Brehmer

“With it's emblematic visual language, the film appears like an japanese ink drawing, the minimalistic narrative as a filmed haiku.“


“I move around in a picture”. In Ludwig Wüst’s Departure two strangers reach a tacit understanding to journey together for a time, which leads them to a radical turning point... more

Berlinale Programme 2018

Two broken souls meet by chance in the countryside. A man and a woman, neither of them young anymore, both saddled with great disappointments... more

Cries and Whispers. Ludwig Wüst's DEPARTURE towards the last things

In the beginning, there is a cry, an enduring, angry cry thrust against the flogging rumbling of a train. It arises from the depths of an irrepressible breast and plays out as the first powerful tonal apex of Ludwig Wüst's newest film... more

3.30 pm

Two friends, Martin and Anthony meet again after 15 years. They speak about shared memories and their current lives. During the encounter they discover traumatic experiences of Martins childhood... more