Egyptian Eclipse

AT 2002
Colour, 66 min., MiniDV, 4:3, Stereo, German
WP Filmcasino Vienna

Written, produced and directed by Ludwig Wüst Cinematography Raffael Kinzig Editor and Sound Samuel Käppeli

With Michaela Conrad, Hani Amr Abdullah, Mohammed Kosa, Ludwig Wüst


Egyptian Eclipse, after „Der Fall Franza“ by Ingeborg Bachmann, ist the description of an Odyssey without return. The film tells about the escape of a women from her bourgeois life. SO I WENT INTO THE DESERT. LIGHT BROKE DOWN ON ME... The journey into the desert becomes an inner trip of a gradual extinction. Only the memory of a man follows the woman...

Director’s Statement

In 1997 I made my first trip to Egypt, taking with me "Der Fall Franza" by Ingeborg Bachmann. An hermetic text, written 40 years ago in an hermetic country. When I made my plan to make a film from the third chapter of „Franza“, I made several trips tot he deserts of Egypt (1998-2000), to write my script on location. Since it was clear from the beginning, to make a „silent movie“, I made more than 500 sketchens and painted storyboards.
„Egyptian Eclipse tells in fragmentary scenes and crystal clear pictures, with a very small cast (and an even smaller budget) the story of an escape without hope. The cinematic realization is based on a „documentary“ gesture and an outstanding main actress...“
Michael Omasta, Falter

„A meditative, fragmentary work about standstill and estrangement.“
Christoph Huber, Die Presse