AT 2014
Colour, 75 min., HD, 16:9, Stereo, German, subtitles in English
WP Karlovy Vary IFF

Directed and produced by Ludwig Wüst Written by Ludwig Wüst and Claudia Martini
Co-Produced by Matthias Pázmándy Cinematographer Klemens Koscher Line Producer Thomas Hajnik Camera Assistant Axel Wolf Bierbaum Sound Tjandra Warsosumarto Editor Samuel Käppeli Production Assistant Astrid Krisch Script Neck Richardson

With Claudia Martini, Martina Spitzer

Supported by BKA - Innovative film, Stadt Wien MA7



A visit between girlfriends is captured in real-time: sparkling wine, cigarettes and a lack of communication that is implicitly humorous. Suppressed feelings reach their tipping point and burst forth when triggered by something seemingly peripheral, which poses a genuine emotional test. Parallel to this, the camera proceeds to close in on the scene and the protagonists in a near imperceptible zoom. Coming to terms with one’s past as a structurally composed, cinematic experiment. Consistent, raw, compelling.

Director's statement

Since many years I have the idea to make a film that could (at least formally) be a remake of "wavelength" by Michael Snow... This film has been since many years among my top five (besides "Home Improvements" by R. Frank, "La Jetee" by Marker, "Maria" by Sokurov, etc.) and I screen it every year at the Vienna Film Museum. The film tells in a physical manner how time is passing, unstoppable, without mercy, without emotions.

„One can see how much the afficionado Wüst is referring to the cinema of Antonioni, Sokurov, Chris Maker and the home movies by Robert Frank.“
Stefan Grissemann, 07.09.2014, Profil

Matthias Greuling, 21.03.2014, Wiener Zeitung

„A marvellous Claudia Martini.“
Walter Gasperi, 21.03.2014, Kultur-Online

Michael Omasta, 10.09.2014, Falter