AT 2016
Colour, 84 min., HD, 16:9, Stereo, German, English, subtitles in English
Int. Premiere Hofer Filmtage

Written, directed and produced by Ludwig Wüst Cinematographer Klemens Koscher, Ludwig Wüst, Andrew Brown, Samuel Käppeli, Matthias Reiter-Pázmándy Line Producer Matthias Reiter-Pazmandy Editor Samuel Käppeli Sound Tjandra Warsosumarto Assistant to the Director Thomas Hajnik

With Maja Savic, Klemens Koscher, Klemensia Kames, Andrew Brown, Mohammed Kosa, Jussif Kamal, Ludwig Wüst, Tina Nitsche, Anke Armandi u.v.a.

Supported by BKA - Innovative film, Stadt Wien MA7



Where or what is home? Memories, photos, places? Or is it one’s personal roots, one’s own parents who define home? Can it be found in art? heimatfilm revolves around the term in a montage of personal signatures in which various ideas of home are exposed. Physically touching and intellectually complex, the search for home is tangible as an existentially exhausting process — the longing to say “I am …” using artistic means.

Director's statement

Heimatfilm, that’s 18 years of Guerilla-filmmaking. Heimatfilm is a résumé and summary of my filmmaking, also a pause to maybe find another direction. Heimatfilm is also a break, to follow a desire for „Live“-experiences, to realise theater projects again. And last, but not least: home as film – film as home … to be continued.

„A bright and calm movie film, where laughing and melancholy are interweaved like past and present.“
Michael Omasta, March 2016, Falter

“There was also briliant new stuff from Ludwig Wüst to watch, a full-length work of documentarism and fiction.“
Stefan Grissemann, March 2016, Profil

“Accattone in Austria: the film making as maltreated creature, grinded between artistic claims and trivial reality, turing the pages in the folder of his obsessions.”
Bernd Bremer, München